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We pride ourselves in delivering our patients delicious, fresh medicated treats with every gummy. Each bag is made with care and sealed to remain their freshness. Each gummy is infused with 10-30mg of active CBD providing our patients relief. 


Our vision is to bring back those childhood favorite treats, but with a health twist. Our treats put a smile on our patients face from our packaging to every bite of our delicious gummies. 


Our products are made with the upmost care and attention to detail to provide our patients an effective product with every purchase. Each of our gummies are infused with our partner, CBD Wellness CBD Hemp oil, a reputable established company whom have helped countless of patients. 


Start by taking half to a full gummy at a time. Allow 30-45 minutes for effects to activate. Gummies are meant to be a medicated treat and can help with the relief of minor ailments. If you are in need of botanical medicine to help relieve or alleviate serious ailments and conditions, please visit to browse their tincture and topical products. They are the supplier of our CBD and whose products will be the best course of action to achieve the health results you are looking for.

Consumption Suggestions:

Gummy Bear
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