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Simply Delicious, Medicated Childhood Favorites!

Childhood Favorites All Grown Up

Growing up is never fun, but you can relive your childhood memories through our delicious CBD treats! Every bite brings back those memories and with the help of the infused CBD, they also give you some health benefits!

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Made With Love & Infused With Medicine

All Head Baked products are made in house providing fresh tasting, delicious treats! All products are infused with our partner, CBD Wellness' hemp oil. These products are a great medicated treat to enjoy while also getting some CBD into your system. If you're looking for a product to have an effective impact to your health and wellbeing, visit to purchase their products which will be the course of action. 

Our Products
150mg Assorted Gummies.png
Assorted Gummy Bears
150mg Mango Gummies.png
Mango Gummy Bears
150mg Peach Rings.png
Peach Rings
150mg Sour Buddies.png
Sour Buddies
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